July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020

A separate form must be submitted for each new Goal. Maximum of 4 Goal submissions per department.

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Provide simple description of Course / Program / Department Goal. Example: "Hire new full-time faculty member in [specify department]"; or "Upgrade technology in [specify program/course] classrooms."
Provide brief description of why this Goal is being proposed. Example: "Enrollment is up in [specify program or major] and we need additional faculty to help carry the load in classes being added to accommodate student demand;" or "Current lab technology needs to be upgraded to remain competitive with similar [specify programs] available at other institutions."
Briefly describe how implementing this goal at Morton College will improve Morton College and how it directly ties to the related Strategic Goal.
Indicate if grant funding is available and, if so, through which grant. If grant funding is not available, indicate if funding is available within existing budget allocations, through reallocation strategies, or if new institutional funds are needed.