MC Strategic Planning

Strategic Goal #6 Updates

Strategic Goal #6: Increase Giving and Financial Strength through Improved Development OPERATIONS

Objective 1 - Foster entrepreneurial environment to generate new revenue streams through expanded community education offerings and corporate training


An agreement was approved at the September Board of Trustees meeting between Morton College and Northern Equipment and Training, LLC to provide Forklift Training.

Objective 2 - Increase financial assistance to underserved student population


Follett Funds in the amount of $95,000 were disbursed to the Morton College Foundation and distributed as scholarships.


Through the Follett Bookstore contract, guaranteed revenue, $190,000 has been allocated for:

  • 50 % Student Scholarships

  • 35 % Student Clubs & Organizations

  • 15 % Student Emergency Fund

Objective 3 - Improve donor relationships through implementation of Donor Communications Plan


The new administrative organizational structure includes a new position of Director of Institutional Advancement that will coordinate development and fundraising.

The role of the Recruitment Specialist position has been expanded to include cultivating alumni.

The second Hall of Fame ceremony was held in April, 2018 with 5 outstanding alumni inducted.

Objective 4 - Apply for at least three federal, state, or private grants per academic year


A grant proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation in 2018. (The proposal was not accepted.)

The state preschool education grant proposal for additional section of 20 preschool children was approved for fall 2018.

A competitive grant application for state funding for Adult Education was approved with an allocation from the state of 1.2 million for FY19.

Received: IBHE Nursing Improvement grant = $37,390

ICCB Special population grant = $10,000

IBHE Nursing fellowship grant = $10,000

MC has received the Innovative Bridge and Transitions Grant = $148,280.

MC normal grant funding for Adult Ed = $1,162,570 for FY19

Secretary of State Volunteer Literacy Grant = $30,000 for FY19

Perkins Grant = $418,510.00

We are also applying for IBHE Nursing School Grant due October 30th, which would total $93,856.

Currently working on grant with Tsonka (Penny Severns) = $25,000 - $50,0000 for FY20

Currently working on CTE Leadership Grant proposal = $50,000 (Due Nov. 22, funding would begin January 2019)

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