Make Student SUCCESS the core work of Morton College


Develop multiple pathways for entry to reduce barriers to enrollment, ensure seamless student transitions (from high school to college, from non-credit to credit, from college to transfer, from college to career, from career to college), and improve student academic achievement and goal attainment. Create a learning and working environment that is sustainable, welcoming, safe, and dynamic irrespective of location (physical or virtual) and that leads to improved student success and community engagement.

2018-2022 Objectives:

  1. Develop a comprehensive “first-year experience” for students
  2. Create an innovative learning commons and Student Success Center with tutoring services and collaborative study rooms
  3. Increase Fall-to-Fall retention and graduation rates by 3% over academic year 16-17 and increase the graduation rate to 28% by AY 2021
  4. Increase the number of students participating in New Student orientation by 5% over academic year 15-16
  5. Fully implement and refine the academic advising caseload model
  6. Develop protocols and guidelines for provision of services provided by the new social/emotional counselor position
  7. Improve success of students requiring remedial coursework; reduce number of students requiring remedial courses
  8. Improve success rates of completers and transfer students through better communication and use of data
  9. Continue to improve academic advising to increase awareness of paths to completion for students
  10. Increase and improve tutoring services available to students
  11. Create better opportunities for success to our adult and working students


  1. Create and implement a comprehensive “first-year experience” for students (incorporated as part of Strategic Enrollment Management Plan) by AY 2019
  2. Completion of new Student Success center by start of Spring 2018 semester
  3. Develop and implement a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan/Retention Plan by Spring 2018 and have a documented completion percentage (graduation/certification) of at least 30% by AY 2021
  4. Have a documented participation rate in New Student Orientation with documented participation rate of at least 70% by AY 2020
  5. Revised academic advising caseload model cuurently in process, full implementation scheduled for end of AY 2018
  6. Hire an additional social/emotional counselor to be operating out of new Student Success Center by AY 2019
  7. Create summer bridge programs to reduce number of students in remedial courses by AY 2020; increase the number of preparation courses for placement tests by AY 2019
  8. Implement national benchmarking for improving and measuring completion rates; participate in AACC Pathways Project by AY 2019
  9. Hire 2-3 additional academic advisors by AY 2021, including some who specialize in transfer process and communicating articulation agreements
  10. Hire full-time credentialed tutors for the tutoring program, and implement a peer tutoring program for new student success by AY 2019
  11. Create additional opportunities for late afternoon, evening, and weekend courses for those whose workload (outside the College) restricts regular M-F, 8am-5pm class participation