MC Strategic Planning

Strategic Goal #2

Strategic Goal #2


Strengthen Efficiencies in OPERATIONS


Adopt creative funding models and organizational practices that increase our ability to sustain and meet current and future institutional priorities. Develop a culture with systems and processes that nurture creativity and innovation, lead to continuous improvement, and reward high performance to meet the College’s access and success goals.

2018-2022 Objectives:

  1. Make better use of data to inform decision-making and planning

  2. Increase efficiencies in administrative and student processes through enhanced technology (i.e., Navigate)

  3. Streamline marketing, public relations, and communications

  4. Reduce costs of textbooks and educational resources

  5. Improve communication between board, administration, and faculty for improved transparency

  6. Increase evidence-based planning to support institutional effectiveness and close the loop between assessment and resource allocation

  7. Increase impact of sustainable practices to enhance cost-savings



  1. Demonstrate and document better use of data to inform decision-making and planning through data collection and metrics

  2. All enrollment processes migrated to fully electronic format by AY 2020; implement existing Blackboard systems for electronic transcript requests by AY 2019; implement fully automated ICCB reporting processes by AY 2020

  3. Creation and implementation of Comprehensive Marketing Strategy and Communications Plan, Brand Identity Manual, and Campaign Strategies by end of AY 2018

  4. Create more opportunities for students to access textbooks through e-book options

  5. Create and maintain regular communiqué (i.e., MC Update) from President’s office to all staff and faculty for updates on initiatives, weekly events, faculty spotlights, etc.

  6. Improve communications between Development, Financial Aid, and Student Advisors through implementation of well-managed and shared database systems

  7. Document consistent balanced budget in three consecutive fiscal years through operational cost analysis and effective cost savings adjustments