MC Strategic Planning

Strategic Goal #3

Strategic Goal #3


Develop New ACADEMIC Programs
and Revitalize Existing Programs


Create an environment to support faculty innovation to develop distinctive curricular offerings delivered in flexible and stackable formats that meet current and future societal and workforce needs and that lead to successful student academic achievement and goal attainment. Build and maintain curricular relevance, innovation in delivery, and supportive faculty development systems in order to offer quality education and relevant programs necessary for workforce placement upon graduation.

2018-2022 Objectives:

  1. Create new programs in Welding Technology, Emergency Medical Technician, Medical Assistant, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Apple Coding, and Photography

  2. Increase the number of online course offerings

  3. Obtain National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) accreditation for music programs

  4. Create additional foreign language courses and programs

  5. Increase full-time faculty members



  1. Welding Technology program launched by AY2019; Emergency Medical Technician launched by AY2020; Medical Assistant program launched by AY2020; Culinary Arts and Hospitality program launched by AY 2019; Apple Coding program launched by Spring 2018

  2. 20% of course offerings will available in online or hybrid options by AY2020

  3. National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) accreditation by AY2021

  4. Research most feasible and in-demand language courses/programs that should be offered; begin course development and prospectuses byAY 2019

  5. Add 3-5 new full-time members to faculty every year beginning AY2018