MC Strategic Planning

Strategic Goal #4

Strategic Goal #4


Promote Economic and Community Vitality
through Dynamic PARTNERSHIPS


Promote literacy and civic responsibility by creating relationships and non-academic programs that meet the needs of our community, increase understanding of diversity and tolerance, and foster a welcoming campus climate that promotes and celebrates the vibrancy and culture of our surrounding population.

2018-2022 Objectives:

  1. Create and expand seamless education experiences between K-12 and the College

  2. Cultivate and Develop a partnership with “One Million Degrees: The Community College Project”

  3. Expand workforce development partnerships

  4. Reach out to seniors within the community to engage them in lifelong learning opportunities

  5. Improve relationships with government leaders at local, state, and federal levels

  6. Create official academic partnership with Apple, Inc



  1. Create and improve transition between K-12 and MC by increasing presence in Morton East and Morton West high schools, document and implement as part of Strategic Enrollment Management Plan

  2. Partnership with “One Million Degrees: The Community College Project” in place by AY2021

  3. Have MOU in place for 3 new workforce development partnerships in place by AY2020

  4. Continue to develop and offer outreach programs like the Fall computer class for senior citizens

  5. Establish documented process to better communicate the needs of MC specifically and higher ed institutions in general to government representatives

  6. Cultivate relationship with Apple to expand beyond Apple Coding program to include official participation in academic partnership program