MC Strategic Planning

Strategic Goal #6

Strategic Goal #6


Increase Giving and Financial Strength through
Improved DEVELOPMENT Operations


Improve intentionality and strategic approach to sustainable development systems and processes to ensure a strong economic future for Morton College through improved giving, allowing the institution to better serve its students and fund its initiatives.

2018-2022 Objectives:

  1. Foster entrepreneurial environment to generate new revenue streams through expanded community education offerings and corporate training

  2. Increase financial assistance to underserved student population

  3. Improve donor relationships through implementation of Donor Communications Plan

  4. Apply for at least three federal, state, or private grants per academic year


  1. Develop new partnerships with local businesses that will yield consistent corporate donors and potential job opportunities for graduates

  2. Increase development funds and number of sponsored scholarships available by AY2020 and support for a student emergency fund

  3. Create and implement Donor Communications Plan by AY2020

  4. Perkins Grant (Awarded AY2018), Adult Volunteer Literacy Grant (awarded AY2018), Special Populations support grant from ICCB (awarded AY2018);