MC Strategic Planning

Strategic Goal #5 Updates

Strategic Goal #5: Maximize the Teaching and Learning Experience through Innovative and Leading Edge FACILITIES

Objective 1 - Determine feasibility and develop plans for a new Health Sciences building on campus

Objective 2 - Determine feasibility and develop plans for a new Career and Technology facilities on campus

Objective 3 - Identify and make available additional space for student clubs to meet

Objective 4 - Update current facilities with current technologies


Final plans are underway for Welding lab with a targeted completion of January to begin classes in Spring 2020.

Coding lab: final furniture quote to be submitted in August 2019. Currently investigating leasing options of equipment to be installed upon completion of lab.

Phase 2 of the Fitness Center Renovation was approved for $639,914 and new Fitness Center was opened in August of 2019


Large, modern electronic display monitors have been installed in the Board Room.

Objective 5 - Repair outdated facilities, bathrooms in existing buildings


Capital improvement projects in 5 project areas: toilet rooms, stair rails, elevators, theatre upgrades, and exterior upgrades.


The Commons floor was replaced.

A new floor was installed in the nursing wing of Building B to integrate with nursing labs.

Plans have been developed and presented to the Board of Trustees for upgrades and enhancements to the fitness center.

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